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Hands Free Systems

Parrot MINIKIT Neo Bluetooth® hands-free car kit

Parrot has nearly 20 years of experience in digital signal processing. Our R&D team has developed the best algorithms to ensure state-of-the-art call quality both in reception
and in transmission.

To sum up, the Parrot MINIKIT Neo will offer you comfort and quality during your hands-free conversations in car thanks to:
> A high sound power level: Parrot MINIKIT Neo offers uncompromised audio quality whatever the volume it is playing.
> A full interactivity in conversation: the Parrot MINIKIT Neo allows you to actually hear and understand 4 times more syllables than its competitors. It is truly full-duplex, so you will never have the ‘walkie-talkie’ effect.
> A complete echo cancellation: echo is so much reduced by our algorithm that our consumers are not even able to hear it!
> A crystal clear sound with no distortion: your conversation partner hears your natural voice.