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Auto Lighting

Since 1890, Wagner have been manufacturing and supplying quality lighting and electrical products to the automotive market. With total commitment to customer satisfaction, our engineering and manufacturing teams deliver the industries most highly advanced products in the most cost effective manner.

Sealed beams & halogen semi sealed beam inserts available. Halogen conversion kits available for better lighting.

Rubber Body Work lamps, Rubber body housings which suit sealed beams or semi sealed beams. Great to use as work lamps or spot lamps.


NARVA products are sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Carefully chosen strategic partners provide access to the latest in technology and product design. Over recent years NARVA has invested in the design and development of products for sale not just within Australia but across the globe.

Narva maintain continual advancement in product development taking full advantage of the major advances in technology in every category within this extensive range of exciting products. L.E.D technology is the biggest contributor, moving from the ‘Be Seen’ applications like truck and trailer lighting to ‘See With’ products such as driving lamps, headlamps, work lamps and interior lamps.

In addition these technology advancements are also in their H.I.D lights now even brighter with 50 watt ballasts and more competitive pricing. Performance globes are more powerful and provide a whiter light without crossing the legal boundaries of ADR or ‘E’ approval.

Other products available include L.E.D Headlamps, Driving Lamps and Free Form Headlamp Inserts. Intense white light is projected from the energy efficient Compac 70 L.E.D auxiliary lamps and the 90mm L.E.D Headlamp assemblies. There is also Australia’s most comprehensive program of Free Form Headlamp inserts in the popular round and rectangular sizes.